have dress, will travel


a little drawing i made a long time ago. i lost it or gave it away somewhere along the line… inspired to break out my sketch book again. Advertisements


dad was in town this weekend so i slept on the couch upstairs in the cabin; ollie and i woke with the sunrise and sat on the porch, loving the cool air before the heat, humidity and thunderstorms made their appearance.


motel // pool photo by phoebe parker somewhere in arizona june 2013


These cute, whimsical creations are just too much! I want to buy them all and wear one every day. I mean, the “You’re Late” watch? Just a little reminder to get my ass out the door faster in the mornings! 🙂 Also loving the friendship bracelets and the arrows – that one is tempting to […]


Me and my baby brother at his graduation from boot camp. He’s a Marine now! We have very different paths in life and since I live in California we don’t get to see each other much. It was really amazing to get to celebrate this huge milestone with him.


South Carolina beaches… I love ’em.


On the way to Parris Island to see my brother become a Marine we stopped at the old Allman Brothers house in Georgia. My daddy is from Macon and used to know Jaimoe and Red Dog. Wish I could’ve been around in those days!